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“Law” means the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On Personal Data” with all amendments and additions, as well as other legislative acts of the Russian Federation.
“Controller” means a person who is responsible for the processing and protection of Personal Data of Users located on the territory of the EU within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation of April 27, 2016 (hereinafter “GDRP”).
“Mobile Application” is software (with all existing additions and improvements) designed to work on smartphones, tablets, watches and other mobile devices, and developed for a specific platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.). For the purposes of this Policy, a Mobile Application means the following software: SKARGAMES – NEWS OF THE GAMING INDUSTRY AND IT SPHERE.
“Personal Data” means a set of personal data and/or non-personalized information about the User provided by him to the Copyright Holder and/or automatically collected by the Copyright Holder and/or third parties.
“Policy” means the present Privacy Policy of the mobile application (with all existing additions and changes).
“User” means a legal or natural person who has downloaded a Mobile Application to a smartphone, tablet, watch or any other mobile device and/or has activated such a Mobile Application on one of these devices.
“User Agreement” means an agreement concluded between the Copyright Holder and the User regarding the procedure, rules and features of the User’s use of the Mobile Application. The User joins such an agreement and has no right to make and/or require any changes or additions to it.
“Copyright Holder” means the following person who owns the exclusive rights of ownership of the Mobile Application
Nikita Eduardovich Kaftanatiy, Rostov-on-Don, Stavsky Avenue 20
“Processor” means a person who, in the understanding of GDRP, on behalf of the Controller, performs the storage and/or processing of Personal Data received from Users.
“Cookies” means small files sent to any mobile applications or website and placed on the User’s smartphones, tablets, watches and other mobile devices to improve the operation of such applications or websites, as well as the quality of the content posted in them.

General provisions
This Policy is used and applies exclusively to Personal Data received from the User in connection with the use of the Mobile Application. The provisions of this Policy are aimed at:

(1) determination of the types and types of Personal Data received, directions and purposes of use (processing) Personal Data, as well as the sources of obtaining such Personal Data;

(2) determining the rights of the User with respect to protecting the confidentiality of the Personal Data transmitted by him;

(3) determining the persons responsible for processing and storing Personal Data, as well as third parties to whom such data is disclosed (in whole or in part).

The rules of this Policy do not apply in the case of processing by third parties of Personal Data that is voluntarily provided by the User.
By installing and/or activating a Mobile Application on a smartphone, tablet, watch or other mobile device, the User agrees to the terms of this Policy and gives his consent to the Copyright Holder to collect, process, retain and store Personal Data in accordance with the procedure and conditions provided for in this Policy.

If the User does not agree with the terms of the Policy and /or individual terms of the Policy are not clear to him, in this case the User is obliged to immediately stop using the Mobile Application.
Rights of the user to protect personal data
In connection with the provision of Personal Data, the User automatically receives the following rights:

(1) to receive data concerning their processing (the grounds and purposes of such processing, the processing methods used, information about persons who have access to them or to whom they may be disclosed on the basis of a contract or Law).
(2) to receive data on the location and identification data of persons who process Personal Data.
(3) receive data on the terms of storage of Personal Data.
(4) receive data on the trans-border transfer of Personal Data that has been carried out or is expected to be carried out.
(5) appeal the actions or omissions of the Copyright Holder to the authorized body for the protection of the rights of personal data subjects or in court.
(6) receive compensation for damages and/or compensation for moral damage in court as a result of violations of the User’s rights to the protection and protection of his Personal Data committed by the Copyright Holder and/or third parties.
(7) exercise other rights in the field of personal data protection provided for by Law or the provisions of this Policy.

Non-personalized user information
In connection with the use of the Mobile Application, the Copyright Holder can automatically collect and process the following non-personalized information about the User:

(1) traffic information, the possible number of clicks made, logs and other data.

(2) information about the device (identification number, mobile operator network) from which the login is performed, operating system, platform, browser type and other browser information, IP address.

Personal data about users
The Copyright Holder does not collect any personal data about Users that allows him to be identified.
Using Captcha
Captcha is integrated into the Mobile Application, which is a type of cookie files, the purpose of which in this case is (1) to protect the User from possible spam coming from third parties on the Internet, as well as from other irrelevant and/or prohibited content, and (2) to identify the User in order to distinguish him from bots/robots, and (3) improving the User’s ability to use the content of the Mobile Application.
Logging in to the site via the Mobile App allows Captcha to automatically access and collect the following information:

(1) Cookies installed in the browser during the last 6 (six) months; and/or
(2) the number of touches to the touch screen of the device made by the User (the number of clicks made); and/or
(3) information about the styling of the web page; and/or
(4) browser language settings; and/or
(5) plugins installed in the User’s browser; and/or
(6) all Javascript objects.

Use of cookies
This Mobile Application uses certain cookies to store the IP address, User preferences or the type of device used in order to (1) maintain statistics of visits and traffic to the site, and (2) personalize the data displayed on the User’s screen, and (3) store data necessary for User identification, including when accessing from different devices, and (4) display ads according to the User’s interests and preferences. The mobile application can use both its own cookies belonging to the Copyright Holder and Cookies of third parties.
The mobile application uses the following cookies:

(1) Technical (functional) cookies that are needed to control traffic and data transmission, to identify Users and provide User access to the content of the Mobile Application and without which the use of the Mobile Application is functionally limited, as well as to prevent the provision of recommendations that do not correspond to the interests of the User.
(2) Statistical cookies, which are needed to track the frequency of User visits to the site, to identify how the User uses the Mobile Application, as well as to identify the type and type of content that is popular or interesting to the User.
(3) Advertising (marketing) cookies, which are necessary for the placement of advertising and /or marketing ads in the Mobile Application, which correspond to the preferences and interests of the User.
(4) Third-party cookies, which are installed by third parties with the User’s permission and are intended for conducting statistical research concerning the User’s behavior on the Internet and/or sending personalized advertising or marketing materials to the User and/or providing goods or services.
The User has the right to disable Cookies in the Mobile Application at any time by changing certain settings in his smartphone, tablet, watch or other mobile device. Such disconnection may result in restriction or modification of the User’s access to the functionality of the Mobile Application and/or content. To disable cookies, follow these steps:
The application does not collect any user data

Definition of processing purposes
The collection and processing of Personal Data is carried out for the following purposes:
(1) to analyze User behavior, as well as to identify User preferences for a certain type of content.
(2) for the prompt and correct operation of the Mobile Application, improving the functioning of the Mobile Application, improving the content of the Mobile Application, improving the internal architecture and functionality of the Mobile Application.
(3) to identify the User.
(4) to provide personalized advertising and marketing materials.
(5) to comply with the requirements of the Law.
(6) for technical support of the Mobile Application, identification of problems in its operation and their elimination.

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